Totem of the Portuguese Language

My Totem, a possible synthesizing between the ancestor and the contemporary.
Totem is represented ancestorly in sculptural forms as a protection of those who worship him.
It is in the strength of the identification generated inside the adorer for the Totem that is born the power and protection.
I worked in this sculpture the materialization of the richness of a language, the Portuguese Language.

Where I inspire
I come across the difficulties created with the last spelling agreement. The attempt to create a template that as a corset wants it holds in shape and writing. The attempt to cut the wings of time that gives the tongue a free and healthy growth.

Portuguese language standard represents for me the will to always start over, to constantly rediscover myself also in the way I use the language I speak.
It is each of us who gives life to a language of expression, by singing it with his voice, or writing it. The feeling that is placed in every word, its senses, its form of affections, its musicality that transmit values and that every day has different flavors.
The Language, refusing agreements and formatting that cut off the will to fly and grow. He wants to get together differently and always new.
Constantly rediscovering yourself as Immaterial Living Being that is.

Technical Characteristics of the work:
– Refractory paste, iron, iron
– Dimensions: 40/160
– Weight: approximately 10Kg

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