Autumn comes and we start the pottery classes, with the touch of the Earth, you swallow us, in the glaze: everything that feeds the creativity and provokes the form.

Here each participant is an adult or a child, proposes and develops his/her work:

Utilities, making dishes, bowls or cups;

Sculptural, developing the form and addressing its technical and balance challenges;

Pottery, dominate the potter’s wheel where the pieces emerge in the magic of the movement.

Tile, the delight of the brush and the watted color that bring the light to the paint.

All these discoveries in the ceramics workshop, in Algés, prepared with the necessary equipment, countertops, ovens, and the careful presence of the ceramist that shares all the construction processes, from the beginning to the end of the work.

Sometimes challenges arrive, expose in a gallery or thematic collective works. And there we are!

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