From clay to ceramics

The mud.

Feel the cold and gentle matter in your hands. Wrap it up with the hands free movements and it will gain sense to the piece in which it can transform.

It is the process of transforming the clay into shape. Dealing with the time the creation process requires and the tolerance to accept what time transforms. It is to feel its plasticity and transform, then with the clay to harden consolidate the shape, the drying where both can happen and finally the cooking where the clay turns into ceramics

The cooking of the patterned clay is an alchemical process where all the elements present, land of clay, air, kudura and fire combine in slow climbs of temperature, until the transformation of clay, fragile and modelable matter, in ceramics, hard and resistant material Weather and weather.

In cooking there is all the surprise of the result, at this stage will have the happiness of the piece resist whole or deal with the frustration of cracks, cracking or even worse when fracture and transforms into sharks.

These are just a few illustrations of the various stages involving the construction of a ceramic piece.

But more importantly than the successful end result with the piece is all its path of construction and transformation. Understand how much your steps provoke and cause reactions: the stimulus of our creativity, dealing with our insecurity, frustration and acceptance of defects as cracking the invoices and from there develop options to solve the incidents that can Occur.

Many are the benefits of working with clay, as well as all artistic languages with many physical and emotional benefits.

Even in a “distracted” attitude, no one passes “unharmed” in the process of clay to ceramics.

When modeling a piece in clay, each one is shaping itself.

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