Big Oscar Fish

Cheerful and well-disposed fish, its colors and shape have a force that transport nature into the interior of your home. With its creation, I also intend to invoke your respect and preservation.
How it's done
Where I inspire
The pleasure of clay




Great Oscar Fish, author ceramics with contemporary expression modeled in handmade form.
This fish is a work made without molds which makes it a unique piece of author.

How it's done
The Oscar fish is made with a lastra, which is a clay plate, modeled in an artisan form with help of paper. After its first cooking, it is painted with its own paints, the glazed ones. It goes back to the furnace at the melting temperature of the glass which in this case is 1000 º.
Finally, it is embedded in a clay and iron stand. This support enables the movement and that orient your look to us, this makes your presence very communicative. This cheerful and colourful look is a great presence in any interior decoration with the excellence of contemporary ceramic expression artwork.
This contemporary handmade designer pottery with its attractive design and its strong color, is ideal for interior decoration.

Where I inspire
I inspire myself in the natural elements to create these pieces symbols of diversity and beauty of life. With the creation of these pieces I also intend to invoke their respect and preservation. Their color and shape have a force that carries nature into the interior of their home.
I am inspired by the symbolism of the animals, in this case of the fish that, since ancient times, represents the resistance and the ability to overcome, by its attitude of swimming against the current, facing the obstacles of life.

The pleasure of clay
I like to work the mud. It gives me great pleasure to explore your plasticity. It keeps the gesture printed on it along the way of searching for the piece. This millennial artistic material, expands to strengthen my creativity, as well as I feel that I continue to endless generations of ceramists who throughout the ages have worked and with them create pieces of great symbolic value and utility.
The pieces made in ceramics also have the primitive nature that aggregates the four elements: Air, fire, earth and water. Thus the presence of ceramic works in interior design, harmonize the inhabited space, making people more receptive and confident.
This piece belongs to a wider collection, which I call "our friends ' animals."  This collection provides well-being and harmony to your home for being exclusive and ceramic pieces of author, modeled in a handcrafted manner with a contemporary expression. I invite you to visit:
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These contemporary ceramic works, handcrafted, are a great gift to offer or to have at home.
Because it is a fully handmade and manual work the shapes and colors may have variations of those presented in the images.

This work has the following factsheet:
– Materials: white clay, stoneware, iron (base).
-Painted with high-fire glaze, cooked at 1000 º in oxifying atmosphere.
-Technique: Handmade sculptural modelling and iron
– Weight: 3kg
-Available colors: red and turquoise, gold and black, blue and orange.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions35 × 10 × 40 cm

White Blue, Green Yellow and Orange, White, Gold, Turquoise, Red and Black, White, Red, Orange and Gold, Turquoise