Mud experiment

Through ceramics, an important experience is lived where the greatest pleasure is in the discovery, of materials, of techniques and of ourselves. The pieces that emerge are reflections of our emotions. You…


Autumn comes and we start the pottery classes, with the touch of the Earth, you swallow us, in the glaze: everything that feeds the creativity and provokes the form. Here each participant…


Me and the Clay

Clay paths are concrete pathways of life, where the pleasure of creating is as important as the result of creation.

The clay is a generous material and suit that leaves to warp and keeps the movement in it printed.

But it is also capricious and sensitive matter that demands to be respected throughout its modelling process, in its drying time, otherwise it will be unsuccessful the result.

The clay modeled in its alchemical action with fire transforms into ceramics, an element that is so resistant to time, which allows the archaeological dating of so many civilizations.

From clay to ceramics, it’s a perfect life that turns into consciousness.