Alice Diniz

Give shape to your creativity

Me and the clay

Clay paths are concrete paths of life​, where the pleasure of creating is as important as the result of creation.

Clay is a generous and tender material that allows itself to be deformed and maintains the movement imprinted on it.

But it is also a capricious and sensitive matter that needs to be respected throughout the modeling process, in its drying time, otherwise the result will be unsuccessful.

The clay modeled in its alchemical action with fire is transformed into ceramic, an element that is so resistant to time, which allows the archaeological dating of so many civilizations.

From clay to ceramics, a perfect metaphor of life that becomes consciousness.


Moments to keep

A unique experience

Thanks for all the love!

What our students say
I've been going to the ceramics atelier since I was 4/5 years old, and now at 24 it's really beautiful to find myself again with the innocence of the pieces I made at that age. It's incredible to be able to have Alice accompanying my growth and maturation in the pieces. Ceramics are timeless, and with that I recommend everyone to give themselves the opportunity to cross paths with the pieces they made today in a few years.
Alice's new ceramic space is great, with lots of light, spaciousness and even easier parking! Alice remains "zen", always available and encouraging the potters and even when something goes wrong, she always finds solutions to save the "disaster". Thank you Alice and keep it up!
Working with clay allows you to disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself. I would say it's almost a form of meditation that centers you and gives you back peace and tranquility. At Alice's atelier we have the best technical conditions with regard to space, materials and equipment, to give wings to the creation of pieces with clay, in a completely free way, but with the attentive and specialized guidance of Alice Diniz. Alice Diniz is a great ceramist and a very special person. The 2 hours a week of ceramics are guaranteed to be a very happy moment of my week.